I went along recently for the first time. It was fun and I was made to feel very welcome. I got plenty of support and it was a really easy going atmosphere.


I’d never played Rugby before but my wife Jane thought I’d enjoy getting involved with The
Club. Thursday is now my favourite night of the week even though I’d never even passed a
ball until I went along to Walking Rugby


It’s been some time since I touched a rugby ball and I wasn’t sure what the “walking” bit was about. I’ve actually found it to be as enjoyable as a full contact game. I like being back in a team atmosphere alongside other likeminded people.


It’s a Family affair. Mum Sarah Craven started playing Walking Rugby whilst husband Steve, a former first team player at Moore RUFC watched on. Eventually Steve couldn’t resist and has now joined the Walking Rugby team himself. Sons Ben and Sam both still play for the first team at Moore but play the odd game of Walking Rugby as part of their out of season training.

The Cravens

I travel from Northwich every Thursday and rarely miss a Moore Walking Rugby session. Great people, great attitudes.. every game is different but always enjoyable. You can see this in the photos I take each week.


Walking Rugby is a chance to enjoy time with my mum, playing a sport I love. She’s
surprised me that she can actually catch a ball , let alone master a side step! I’ve played rugby at all levels but Walking Rugby is definitely on the up for all ages and abilities.


Organiser of Walking Rugby at Moore alongside my dad Mike. We attract a great gang of people from all walks of life. There are a variety of characters ( and abilities) who all love their Thursdays and every session is memorable on and off the field. It’s great to see the friendships that have formed on the field and to watch people grow in confidence and ability.


I’ve played at Moore from being a teenager but was a bit restricted due to injuries. I’m now in my early 50’s and enjoy playing more than ever since I got into Walking Rugby. It’s still a good form of exercise and allows me to use a few skills and a bit of experience to show new people the game.


I’m President of The Club and very rarely miss a Thursday night with the Walking Rugby crowd throughout the year. It’s a great night for the Club because we’ve opened our doors to attract new people to see what we have to offer. Walking Rugby has put the Club right at the heart of the community which is a fantastic place to be.