Welcome to the Walking Rugby section of Moore Rugby Club

Walking rugby is a simplified version of rugby played by people of any age, gender and ability.

​​Walking rugby is a great way to regain or maintain fitness, have fun, be part of a social team activity & meet new people.​

Some players have played rugby before but it is not necessary. Some come from other sports and indeed some have never really played any form of sport. We will teach you everything you need to know.

It’s a very low impact passing game where the emphasis is on passing and tactics not collisions.

There are:
• no tackles, these are replaced with a two handed touch (not a push)
• no running just walk although we are free to walk at pace.
• no scrummages (if you know what this means, great, if not, it doesn’t matter).
• no diving to the ground – just walk over the line with the ball to score
• above all it’s great fun​

Walking Rugby is a real leveler and you do not need great strength, or to be fit to start, but most people find walking rugby will contribute to their fitness. You do need some mobility, a sense of humour and desire to be part of a team.